DIMMER-Ver Pluggable USB-Powered-SZ-J2/QS27-1 6-Tube NIXIE Clock

NEW-V3.0 Dimmer version-Plug-gable - USB Powered SZ-J2/QS27 6-Tube Digit NIXIE Tube Clock.


This Plug-able SZ-J2/QS27-1 6-tube NIXIE clock can be placed horizontally or tilted with tilt-back legs installed(For easy to read the tubes on desktop).

SZ-J2 NIXIE tubes and the middle neon bulbs(colon) are installed via electronic PINs. You can replace the tubes and the middle colons by yourself by hand directly.


This type of NIXIE tube SZ-J2/QS27-1 has beautiful number [5],please check the pics.


Product Change Notification in the New Version:

1.It supports 8-level dimmer function for the SZ-J2/Qs27-1 NIXIE tubes with Auto-brightness feature(its ability to adjust the tube brightness depending on the current environment);



USB Powered;Slim design;Almost no heat;Static driving;No Flashing;



In order to drive the NIXIE tube, some internal equipment is under the High Voltage,please do not use this clock outside or in any wet conditions,please do not touch any part inside the clock when power on.Always keep it away from kids.

Specifications(For reference only):

Tube Name:SZ-J2/QS27-1(Made in the P.R.C.);
Tube Size: (26mm(L)*20mm(W)*25mm(H)+
7mm(H-pins) )

Clock Supply:
5V DC via USB;
Current: ~600mA(MAX);
Power: ~3W;
Clock Size:
198mm(L)*61mm(W)*22mm(H)(*~43mm(H)with SZ-J2/QS27-1 tubes installed);
PCB Size:186mm*55mm;
PCB Color: Black;


Features(For reference only):

1. USB 5V powered, easy to be used. Can connect to your computer's USB plugs directly (* or use any 5V 1A or up USB power adapter).
2.High efficiency HV circuit, you got almost no heat in 24*7 working condition;

3.All SMT component, very thin PCB, Static driving, No Flashing, High Brightness
4.Support 12H or 24H display modes. Leading zero blanking is programmable.
5.Display date in all format: YY.MM.DD or DD.MM.YY or MM.DD.YY or even MM.YY.DD; Can display week info too.
6.Support a lot of different Effects: Normal/Fading/Cross Fading/Flash /Loop/Random Loop/Scroll in&out/Combine1/Combine2 for displaying time.(* Effects may will be changed in the future).
7.High accuracy RTC inside, DTCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator) version, High Stability, Highly accurate. It has ±1.9ppm (Equivalent to ±4.94s seconds of month deviation) under 0ºC~+40ºC. Usually you don't need to set the time for over a year.

8.Simple setting by using 3 buttons only and supports IR remote control (optional).Also has a new [SNOOZE] button.
9.Three alarms with weekends ON/OFF support can be controlled individually.
10.Three programmable Auto Power ON/OFF mode, can turn ON/OFF NIXIE tubes in any time you want. This function can save tubes life.
11.CR1220 battery socket on-board for the RTC power which keeps RTC running during power outages. (*Prepare the CR1220 battery by yourself.)
12.Tri-colored RGB LED mounted under the each NIXIE tube. These LEDs can display different colors with pre-defined auto color change effects.
13.Store user settings in non-volatile memory.
14.CAD designed acrylic case made by using a laser cutter makes the clock look beautiful. You can assemble/disassemble the case by using only 4 screws on the bottom of the case. The case also has 2 tilt-back legs as feet on the bottom of the case to placed the clock tilted for easy to read the time on desktop.
15.Can install Temperature Sensor(optional) ;Can install 433M wireless module(optional) for receiving the outside info, like the wireless temperature sensors' data and the GPS time sync data, etc.

16. 8-level adjustable NIXIE tube brightness with Auto-brightness feature(its ability to adjust the tube brightness depending on the current environment);