DIMMER-Pluggable-USB-Powered-IV-11+IV-15 6-Tube VFD Clock Pro-V3.0-DIP

IV-11+IV-15 6-Tube VFD Clock Pro V3-0-DIP
DIMMER Ver Pluggable USB-Powered-IV-11+IV-15 6-Tube VFD Clock Pro V3-0-DIP instructions(English)
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(For reference only)
Tube Name:
IV-11(Made in the U.S.S.R.)

Tube Diameter: 22.5mm;

Tube Height: 60mm (no including the legs);

Digit Height: 21mm;

Digit Width: 14.6mm;



Clock Supply: 5V DC via Mini/Micro USB;

Max Current: ~600mA;

Clock Size: ~233.6mm (L)*66.6mm(W)*18mm(H)(*~81mm(H)with IV-11 tube installed);

PCB Size: 222mm*55mm;

PCB Color: Black;

Weight: 420g(with IV-11 tubes);


The clock works with any standard 5V/1A USB supply, use only high-quality adapter!


Features(For reference only)


1).5V USB powered, easy to be used;

2).High efficiency HV&LV circuit, you get almost no heat in HV&LV DC-DC part under 24*7 working condition;

3).DIP style design, Static driving, No Flashing, High Brightness;
4).Support 12H or 24H display modes. Leading zero blanking is programmable.
5).Display date in all format: YY.MM.DD or DD.MM.YY or MM.DD.YY or even MM.YY.DD; Can display week info too.
6).Support a lot of different Effects: Normal/ Fading/ Cross Fading/Flash /Loop /Random Loop/ Scroll + Mix1/mix2 for displaying time (* Effects may will be changed in the future). All Effects support “SLOT MACHINE” effect except Mix1&Mix2;
7).High accuracy RTC inside, DTCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator) version, High Stability, Highly accurate. It has ±1.9ppm (Equivalent to ±4.94s seconds of month deviation) under 0ºC~+40ºC. Usually you don't need to set the time for over a year;
8).Simple setting by using 3 buttons only and supports IR remote control (optional). Also has a new SNOOZE button.
9).Three alarms with weekends ON/OFF support can be controlled individually.
10).Three programmable Auto Power ON/OFF mode, can turn ON/OFF VFD tubes in any time you want. This function can save tubes life.
battery socket on-board for the RTC power which keeps RTC running during power outages. (*Prepare the CR1220 battery by yourself.)
13).Tri-colored RGB LED mounted under the each VFD tube. These LED(s) can display   pre-defined auto color change effects.
14).Store user settings in non-volatile memory.
15).Beautiful CAD designed acrylic case made using a laser cutter makes the clock look beautiful;
16).Can install Temperature Sensor(optional);
17).Can Install PIR(Human Sensor Module) (optional) to turn the clock ON/OFF by detecting the human body;
18).8-level adjustable VFD tube bright with Auto-brightness feature (it is able to adjust the tube brightness depending on the current environment).
19).Support Wireless GPS Module (optional), can sync time via wireless signal(*Need to have a GPS wireless time station as time signal sender);