B7971 Huge Single Digit NIXIE Tube Clock-Pluggable-USB Powered

Instrcutions for B7971 Single Digit NIXIE clock-Eng
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Tube Name: B7971 ;
Tube Size:50mm(dia);
Tube Height:11.5mm(12.3mm with leg);
Digit Height:52mm;

Clock Supply: 5V DC via USB;
Working Current: ~260mA;
Clock Size:90mm(L)*80mm(W)*18mm(H)-(*no including the tube);
PCB Size:80mm*70mm;
PCB Color: Black;
Weight: 150g(weight with the tube installed);
The clock works with any standard USB power supply,use only high-quality adapter!



You can replace the tube by yourself without using any tools.
1). 5V USB powered,easy to be used. Can connect to your computer's USB plugs directly.
2). Support 12H or 24H display modes, can show "."as“A/P" in 12H time format.Leading zero blanking is programmable.
3). Display date in all format: YY.MM.DD or DD.MM.YY or MM.DD.YY or even MM.YY.DD.
4). Support different Effs:Normal/Fading/Cross Fading/Flashing/Loop for displaying time;Support 4 pre-defined Digit Fonts.
5). High accuracy DTCXO (temperature compensated crystal oscillator) inside,+-4.94 seconds(MAX) per month.
6). Simple setting by using 2 buttons only and supports IR remote control(optional).
7). Three alarms with weekends ON/OFF support,can be controlled individually.
8). Three programmable Auto Power ON/OFF mode,can turn ON/OFF NIXIE tubes in any time you want.This function can save tubes life.
9). 8-level adjustable NIXIE tube bright with Auto-brightness feature(its ability to adjust the tube brightness depending on the current environment).
10). Rechargeable Backup Battery or Farad capacitor keeps RTC running during power outages.
11). Tri-colored RGB LED mounted under the NIXIE tube. These LEDs can display any color with a lot of predefined auto color change effects.
12). Store user settings in non-volatile memory.

13). Beautiful CAD designed acrylic case made using a laser cutter makes the clock look beautiful. You can assemble/disassemble the case by using only 4 screws on the bottom of the case.The case also has 4 bumpers as feet on the bottom of the case in order to stop to prevent case's damage.
14). Support temperature sensor(optional).