AOTOM 20070-1A04 VFD Module for Arduino /AVR/PIC/STM/ARM/PI 5V ready

AOTOM VFD Module for Arduino(Arduino code inside the PDF file)
Please use Adobe ACROBAT reader to open the PDF,you will find .INO source code inside the PDF in the attached files part.
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Specifications(For reference only):
Panel Name: AOTOM 20070-1A04
Panel Size: 70 mm*20mm;
Panel Color: Green;
Digit Height: 6.5 mm;

Supply: 5V DC;
Max Current: ~150 mA;
Module Size: 82mm(L)*30mm(W)*9mm(H)(*17mm(H)with the 2.54mm pins);
PCB Size: 82mm*30mm;
PCB Color: Green;
Weight: ~128g;

The module works with any 5V DC MCU, especially designed for ARDUINO!

1).5V Ready, easy to be used. Can connect to your ARDUINO UNO board with only 3 singal wires;
2).High efficiency power circuit, no transformer, no heat, Low HV, very safe, High Brightness;
3).All SMT components, very thin PCB, easy to be drivered;
4).All segments in the VFD pannel can be lighted up, including the dots,colons;
5).Contains over-current protection, and reverse connection protection circuits;
6).Open source ARDUINO NUO source code, pure C code, provide high level vfd_printf() function, easy to be used, also provide a simples clock source code which you can adjust the Hour and Minute for ARDUINO UNO.
7).Simple 3-wire SPI interface, with EN pin, support adjusting the global brightness and shutdown the High Voltage and Filament Supply completely.

Interface: 3-wire SPI:

EN - High voltage & filament supply enable(optional)

For video(s):
For more information:

The source code is for ARDUINO UNO, running in ARDUINO V1.04.