FUTABA 271 VFD Module for Arduino /AVR/PIC/STM/ARM/PI 5V ready

FUTABA 271 VFD Module for Arduino
FUTABA 271 VFD Module for Arduino(Arduino code inside the PDF file)
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Specifications(For reference only):


Panel Name: FUTABA 8-BT-271NK (16-segment style char in dot looking)


Panel Size: 80mm*14mm;


Panel Color: Green(chars)+Red(dot and bluetooth mark);




Supply: 5V DC;


Max Current: ~150 mA;


Module Size: 90mm(L)*20mm(W)*9mm(H)(*17mm(H)with the 2.54mm pins);


PCB Size: 90mm*20mm;


PCB Color: Black/Green;


Weight: ~128g;



The module works with any 5V DC MCU, especially designed for ARDUINO!





1).5V Ready, easy to be used. Can connect to your ARDUINO UNO board with only 3 singal wires;


2).High efficiency power circuit, no transformer, no heat, Low HV, very safe, High Brightness;


3).All SMT components, very thin PCB, easy to be drivered;


4).All segments in the VFD pannel can be lighted up, including the dots,colons;


5).Contains over-current protection, and reverse connection protection circuits;


6).Open source ARDUINO NUO source code, pure C code, provide high level vfd_printf() function, easy to be used, also provide a simples clock source code which you can adjust the Hour and Minute for ARDUINO UNO.


7).Simple 3-wire SPI interface, with EN pin, support adjusting the global brightness and shutdown the High Voltage and Filament Supply completely.






+5V/GND/EN - High voltage & filament supply enable(optional)


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The source code is for ARDUINO UNO, running in ARDUINO V1.04.