New-Plug-able IN-14 6-tube NIXIE clock with glass tube middle dots and with AC driving circuit

Instructions for the IN-14 6-tube NIXIE clock V2.2-English
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This is the newest design with glass tube middle dots drived by AC circuit.
All the NIXIE tubes and the middle dots can be replaced by hand directly via the special designed sockets.


We have updated the middle dots to [2pcs ~4mm neon bulbs with glass tube outside], the middle dots can be installed via the socket [Pluggable],thus you can replace it by hand too.And Yes,NEW AC driver circuit for the middle dots,thus 2 segments inside the neon bulbs all can be light up together!!!
This is the Pluggable version, NIXIE tubes can be installed via "SPECIAL THROUGH-HOLE FEMALE SOCKET PINS",you can replace the IN-14 NIXIE tubes by yourself by hand.

Product Change Notification in the New Version:

1.Add the Li-Battery drive-able function(Optional),thus it can work with the Li-poly battery only without the USB power if has this function installed;
2.Update the software,now can show the AM/PM in [.12Hour mode] by using the one dot inside the tube;
3.Have 2 Slot Machine Effcts,and you can turn on/off the Slot Machine by setting;

USB Powered;Slim design;Module based structure;Low heat;Static driving;No Flashing;


Specifications(For reference only):

Tube Name:IN-14(Made in the U.S.S.R.);
Tube Diameter:18mm;
Tube Height:55mm(approx including glass nipple);
Digit Height:17mm;
Digit Width:10mm;

Clock Supply: 5V DC via USB;
Max Current: ~550mA(~900mA when in charging mode if has the Li function);
PCB Size:186mm*45mm;
PCB Color: Black;


Features(For reference only):

1).5V USB powered, easy to be used. Can connect to your computer's USB plugs directly (* In some computers you may need to use the USB Cable that Have Two USB Connectors at the End.).
2).High efficiency HV circuit, you got almost no heat in 24*7 working condition;

3).All SMT components, very thin PCB, only 8mm(Max) high with the Top & Bottom components; Static driving, No Flashing, High Brightness
4.Support 12H or 24H display modes. Leading zero blanking is programmable.
5.Display date in all format: YY.MM.DD or DD.MM.YY or MM.DD.YY or even MM.YY.DD; Can display week info too.
6.Support 8 different Effects: Normal/ Fading/ Cross Fading/Flash /Loop /Random Loop/Scroll/Mix1/Mix2 for displaying time. All tubes' 0~9 segments tube can be lighted up;
7).High accuracy RTC inside,±1.9ppm, usually ±4.94 seconds per month.
8).Simple setting by using 3 buttons only.
9).Three alarms with weekends ON/OFF support can be controlled individually.
10).Three programmable Auto Power ON/OFF mode, can turn ON/OFF NIXIE tubes in any time you want. This function can save tubes life.
11).Support [SNOOZE] key.
12).Cr1220 RTC battery socket on board
keeps RTC running during power outages.
13).Tri-colored RGB LED mounted under the each NIXIE tube. These LEDs can display different colors at the same time, with a lot of pre-defined auto color change effects.
14).Store user settings in non-volatile memory.


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    K.M.Au (Sunday, 21 August 2016 01:10)

    With your new design, now both of the electrodes of the neon tube can be lighted up which gives a perfect viewing result. I very much admire your effort to take care of some minor details that other people seemed to neglect. Good work indeed!