433M Wireless GPS Time Station for NIXIE clocks (OLED Version)-V1.0

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Our 433M Wireless GPS Time Station(OLED version) has passed the two months test,will be online soon.

It receives the GPS signal from the GPS receiver or other sources,and send the time signal via 433M wireless module to the NIXIE clocks.

It contains PA module inside,it can cover 800m range in a open space.




The GPS antenna (receiver) will need to face upwards with a clear view of the sky to get a good signal. (If the GPS antenna faces with a full view of the sky, it will be perfect.)


Waterproofing is needed when you install the GPS antenna (receiver) outside constantly. Like using a plastic bottle cut in half or using plastic bag, etc., figure it out yourself.
Please remember to install the 433M wireless antenna before using.




Supply: 5V DC via USB;


Working Current: <=250mA;


Size: 70mm(L)*56mm(W)*18mm(H)


PCB Size: 64mm*50mm;


PCB Color: Black;


Weight: ~64g;


Wireless Cover Range: 800m (*In a open space. The range also depends on the antenna, obstructions, interference, and the ability of receiver devices.)


GPS TTL speed: 4800bps.


The item works with any standard USB supply, use high-quality adapter!



1).5V Mini-USB powered, easy to be used. Can connect to your computer's USB plugs directly.


2).OLED display on board, can display all the information, easy to set and use.
3).433M digital wireless module with PA inside, can cover long distance.


4).Beautiful CAD designed acrylic case made using a laser cutter makes the station look beautiful. You can assemble/disassemble the case by using only 4 screws on the bottom of the case. The case also has 4 bumpers as feet on the bottom of the case in order to stop to prevent case's damage.


433M wireless GPS time Station
433M wireless GPS time Station
433M GPS time station
433M GPS time station
433M wireless GPS time station
433M wireless GPS time station
433M wireless Time Station+GPS receiver
433M wireless Time Station+GPS receiver

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    Robert Meck (Monday, 13 June 2016 09:09)

    I've purchased several of your single digit clocks and am very impressed! Do any of your current clocks work with this time station, or is that something you'll be building into them in future versions? Thanks!

  • #2

    Webmaster (Monday, 13 June 2016 23:33)

    OCurrently only the IN-14 6-tube clock we made has the Wireless GPS function,please check it via: