Open Hardware - GPS Receiver Module for NIXIE/VFD clocks

 GPS Receiver Module
GPS Receiver Module

In order to add the GPS time base synchronization function for our NIXIE/VFD clocks, we designed this GPS Receiver Module and created with high quality components and the ABS enclosure we customized from the factory, instead of using the low quality GPS module in the market.


This GPS Receiver Module is open hardware, we provide Eagle Source file, gerber file, and all the datasheets we have. We also provide a simple Source Code for ARDUINO for parsing the GPS data.


Eagle source files of the sch,pcb,gerber.
compressed file archive 65.6 KB
Arduino sample code of parsing the NMEA string.
compressed file archive 2.2 KB
Datasheets of the GPS module for reference.
compressed file archive 210.9 KB

- Compass GPS module;
- Active antenna inside, with fast satellite searching speed and high precision;
- NMEA protocol output in default;
- UART TTL serial output in 4800bps;
- High quality white round plastic shell;
- With LED indicate for GPS status;
- 3.5mm stand Mini Phono Plug;
- Open Hardware and Source code for ARDUINO;

The Sample output from the GPS module:


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