A case designed for the 6-Tube YS9-4 VFD Clock...

I always wanna create some cases for my EE stuff,especially when I finished the YS9-4 Tube Clock project. But I don't have any experience in designing cases :-(.

In the past three weeks I tried my best to learn some CAD software,and here is the result -- an acrylic case designed for 6-TUBE clock. I designed this case to be beautiful,easy to assemble. As you can see in the picture,this case made of crystal-clear acrylic for the main body,and two black acrylic boards for the top and bottom surface.You can assamble the case by using only 4 screws on the bottom of the case and won't see any scrws on the top surface.The case also be very easy to be disassembled.

I used 4 bumpers as feet on the bottom of the case  in order to stop to prevent case's damage. Of course it won't scratch or stain your table surface too.


More pics will coming soon,to be continued...

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